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I wrote a brief bit in my personal journal about the BMI, fat, health, and body normativity here: . I thought people in this community might want to read it and talk about it, either over here or over there. It's unlocked and will remain that way, but if someone wants me to copy/paste the text here I'd be glad to so it's accessible to everyone and will remain so.

Date: 2010-09-13 11:01 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] hutchy
Meanwhile, the USA is a country with a great deal of poverty and many many people– many of them fat– who go to bed hungry each night. ... But with all the focus on OH MY GOD FAT PEOPLE ARE EVERYWHERE there’s very little attention paid to the fact that these fat people are often starving/malnourished or came from a childhood of food scarcity, and that the body’s natural reaction to starvation/malnourishment is to cling to fat– cling to iiiiiiiit!!!– and that it’s not an issue of overindulgence at all.

Spot on. I'm so happy to see this addressed... perhaps I've been hanging around the wrong places, but it's rare that I see anyone discussing the fact that one can be malnourished and fat at the same time.

Fabulous article, thanks for posting it.


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