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Something I wrote in my personal journal...

I wrote a brief bit in my personal journal about the BMI, fat, health, and body normativity here: . I thought people in this community might want to read it and talk about it, either over here or over there. It's unlocked and will remain that way, but if someone wants me to copy/paste the text here I'd be glad to so it's accessible to everyone and will remain so.
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discussion post

Has anyone else been watching ABC Family's new show Huge?
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Two of the bigger fats bloggers (lol punny), of The Rotund and Fatshionista, have started up a podcast. It's called Fatcast. It focuses on the same sort of body politics issues that both bloggers talk about individually, only there's a pretty awesome back-and-forth going on rather than individual voices making individual points. You can download/listen at the page linked OR get the latest episodes off the iTunes store. (Fatcast actually hit the "new and notable" page on iTunes.)

Thought I'd share with the class.

Hello, cakies!

My name is Jack and I'm the moderator of [community profile] twowholecakes. Shamefully, I let this community sit lawless and quiet for far too long. I'd like to start promoting it a bit more, but before I do, I've got a few questions/issues.

1. Apart from "don't be a troll" and "this is not a weight loss community", are there any rules or guidelines you think are important for a community like this?

2. Fat acceptance is strongly rooted in feminism, and I feel a bit odd being a dude moderating a FA community on his own. Hence, I'd like to share modding with a female-identifed co-mod. Any volunteers?

Thanks a lot. :)
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One for the "I dunno if you seen it but it's cool" category:

After all the trainwrecky fat angst on display during the short More to Love reality-tv series, Lesley at Fatshionista put out a call for fat love stories. This is the shmoopy and romantic result:

The Museum of Fat Love

I love it for the logo (lol MoFL) but the love stories are nice too. It's even not 100% hetero, which is also a nice breath of fresh air since queer fats are even less represented than straight fats. It's still under construction-- they're looking for a permanent independent webspace-- and they're still taking stories and photos so you can e-mail in and share the love if you want.

healthy fat people? THIS CANNOT BE.

I'd guess that most people who are even remotely interested in fat accceptance have already seen this story on fat people who are - GASP! - fit and active and healthy. I like it so much, however, that I'm going to repost the link here anyway. I love the photos, but I think I love the snarky intro even more:

... a lot of angry readers demanded to see one fat person who could climb a mountain, or run a marathon, or show any sign of athleticism. (Fat people, they seemed to think, spend all their time at buffets and sitting next to you on airplanes.)
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Since the comm is kind of dead at the moment and there are no posting rules yet, I come bearing funny!

Hi, I'm Kittykat. How are all you lovely folks?