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Created on 2009-06-17 20:38:33 (#407460), last updated 2010-09-09 (367 weeks ago)

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Name:Two Whole Cakes!
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Community description:Fat positivity on Dreamwidth.
The short version: a community for fatties and their friends in which no crap will be put up with.

The slightly longer version: [community profile] twowholecakes is a community centered around fat acceptance and body acceptance in general. We're a place for fat and/or fat-positive people to hang out and talk about interesting things. We're NOT a weight loss community, and 'helpful tips' in that vein will be swiftly and mercilessly mocked and/or deleted.

(By the way, Shapely Prose's FAQ is awesome.)

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baby donuts, bbw, bears, being fat, body acceptance, chub, chubby, chubs, deathfat, deathfatties, fat, fat acceptance, fat men, fat people, fat positive, fat power, fat women, feminism, gender, haes, health at every size, huge, inbetweenies, intersectionality, kate harding, obese, obesity, rotund, shapely prose, size acceptance, teh fat, the fatosphere, the obesity epidemic, two whole cakes, weight
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